One of VITA Digital Productions' extensive series of Virtual Walk Videos

(All photos on this page are actual still frames from this video.)

This new DVD or HD Download is a 60 minute widescreen virtual walk
in the City of Light - Paris. Filmed at an average speed of 3 mph,
it's the perfect accessory for your treadmill, Nordic Track, or elliptical.

Just place it in a DVD player or computer and step onto your treadmill and instantly you will be
transported to the romantic city of Paris!

Filmed in Widescreen with High Definition* television cameras and camera stabilization equipment,
the camera seems to float as it transports you through many of the major sites of amazing Paris.

It's as if you are there walking in Paris! This video provides you with the same sights and sounds
as you would experience if you were actually walking in Paris on an autumn day.

This is not a traditional travel video.
The television camera is constantly moving you forward, transporting the viewer
through different sections of this historic city.

This 60 minute virtual walk is accompanied by the natural sounds of Paris
just as they were recorded in digital Stereo in France.

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One of VITA Digital Productions' extensive series of Virtual Walk Videos

(All photos on this page are actual still frames from this Video.)

Your one hour Walking Tour of Paris begins early in the morning on the left bank of the Seine
beside the famous Cathedral du Notre Dame.

As you walk along the quay you pass several dinner boats awaiting their evening patrons.

Cyclists and joggers pass before you ascend stone steps to...

the street alive with Parisians hurrying to work.

Turning right and crossing Petit Pont.....

you enter Parvis Notre-Dame – place Jean-Paul-II with the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral ahead.

Next it's onto Quai de la Mégisserie with its typical Parisian book and artwork stalls.

Further on, you come to the east wing of the Louvre,
one of the most influential classical facades ever built in Europe.

Entering the courtyard beside the Place du Carrousel....

you see the famous Pyramide du Louvre designed by Architect I. M. Pei.

The Pyramide du Louvre consists of one large glass and metal pyramid, surrounded by three
smaller pyramids, and is located in the main courtyard of the Louvre Palace.

The large pyramid serves as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum.
Completed in 1989, it has become a landmark for the city of Paris.

Crossing the Place du Carrousel, you come to the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel,
which was built between 1806 and 1808 to commemorate Napoleon's military victories of the previous year.

Walking through the Arc you enter the Jardin des Tuileries,
a public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde.

If you look closely, you can see in the distance the Egyptian Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde
and behind that, almost 2 miles away, the Arc de Triomphe.

Created by Catherine de Medici as the garden of the Tuileries Palace in 1564,
it was eventually opened to the public in 1667, and became a public park after the French Revolution.

Amongst the beautiful statuary you will pass Le Timbre by Pierre Bourdict.

Continuing on through the Jardin des Tuileries, you eventually arrive at the Place de la Concorde
and see the Egyptian Obelisk which once stood at the entrance to the Luxor Temple.

From Place de la Concorde, you follow the Champs-Élysées towards the Grand Palais.

Small circular winding paths lead you temporarily away from the noisy street
and through a small quiet park.

Returning to the Champs-Élysées, you glimpse the Grand Palais,
constructed for the Universal Exposition of 1900.

Back on the Champs-Élysées, famous for its theatres, cafés and luxury shops,
this time you are heading towards the Arc de Triomphe.

The sidewalk is alive with shoppers and tourists, each enjoying the autumn day.

You pass numerous outdoor cafes along the Champs-Élysées.

Champs-Élysées is French for Elysian Fields, the paradise for dead heroes in Greek mythology.

After an uphill climb, you arrive at the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most famous monuments in Paris.

You next enter the Jardin du Luxembourg, built in 1620.

The gardens known for its lawns, tree-lined promenades, flowerbeds, and for the picturesque
Medici Fountain, are featured prominently in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables

The garden has 106 statues spread throughout the park.

Your sixty-minute Walking Tour of Paris next takes you to Montmartre, an historic hill in the north of Paris.

In the past, many artists had studios or worked in or around Montmartre, including Salvador Dalí,
Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Camille Pissarro and Vincent van Gogh.

Today, Montmartre is an officially designated historic district with limited development
allowed in order to maintain its unique character.

With taxis and tourists vying for the same space,
the streets of Montmartre can get crowded.

Your walk through Montmartre ends with the scenic view of Paris from the front of Sacré Cœur.

Near the end of your day in Paris, the Walking Tour takes you to....

the Champ de Mars - a large public greenspace located in the seventh arrondissement,
between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the École Militaire to the southeast.

In the evening, when this section of your Walking Tour was filmed, Parisians gather
on the Champ de Mars to eat, drink, sing, talk, and enjoy themselves.

As you walk towards the Eiffel Tower, you pass couples holding hands, small groups of friends laughing,
boyfriends taking photos of girlfriends...
life being lived with joie de vivre in one of the most romantic places on earth!

Your one hour Walking Tour of Paris ends at the base of...

the Eiffel Tower.

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